boiler Agent for pasteurization compost mushroom

boiler Agent for pasteurization compost mushroom
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Department of Plant Pathology Mushroom Research & …

(mushroom compost) of button mushroom is prepared in a defined costly structure known as bulk pasteurization chamber equipped with boilers and blowers followed by specific procedure. The small and marginal farmers could not adept this technology up to their level and hence are left deprived. Keeping above problem in consideration the portable,

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Plastic bags are transferred in the room for its partial pasteurization at low temperatures. Room temperature is maintained around 50-55°C for about 6 hours by live steam generated from a boiler. Later on, it is cooled down to a preferable temperature for casing the compost.

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boiler Agent for pasteurization compost mushroom

Compost pasteurization - Mushroom industry. 4. Compost pasteurization. UG 2 Device for measuring gaseous ammonia concentration The goal of this stage is to destroy pests and diseases in the compost. Pasteurization begins when the tunnel's base temperature reaches 56.6°C. During pasteurization the maximal compost temperature must exceed 62°C.

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Phase -II tunnels: For performing pasteurization and conditioning of the compost. 5. Casing soil chambers: For pasteurization of the casing soil. 6. Spawning area: For spawning of the prepared compost Besides above certain ancillary rooms like boiler room, underground service room, store room, workers room etc. would also be required.

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Production of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sajorcaju)

adopted in Europe. The tunnel prepared for pasteurizing compost/casing of button mushroom can be used for pasteurizing the straw for oyster. However, adequate boiler facility will be must. ii. Hot water treatment The substrate after chopping (5-10 cm) as such …

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(PDF) Zero-energy, low input-based composted substrate for

Boiler for pasteurization and blower for conditioning of the compost in two-phase tunnel method are energy-consuming operations with the additional bunker cost. compost yield and mushroom

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Mushroom Cultivation in India: Cost, Procedure, Profit and

Pasteurization is a partial sterilization process operated at low temperature. Live steam generated from a water boiler is introduced to compost for 2 hrs so as to have air temperature 60-62°C. Maintain this temperature for 2 hrs and then introduce a gentle steam of fresh air …

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Steam Pasteurization; • Hot Water Treatment; • Chemical Sterilization • Sterile Technique (Till method) and i. Steam pasteurization In this method previously, socked substrate is loaded in wooden boxes or trays and then kept in a pasteurization room at 58-62°C for 4 hours. Temperature of the through a boiler.

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boiler Agent for pasteurization compost mushroom

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